World Star (WS) Battery Indonesia is battery manufacturer company that concentrates in Automotive Battery, Motorcycle Battery, Car Battery, Stationery Battery, Industrial Battery, Lead Acid Battery, Dry Charge Battery, Wet Charge Battery, Maintenance Free Battery of various types of batteries and battery related products. WS Battery Indonesia is one of the world leaders in the battery industry which has more than US$ 50 Millions (consolidated) in revenue and employees more than 600 personals.

World Star Battery Indonesia was established in 1970 as an automotive and motorcycle battery manufacturer which distribute domestic after markets, original equipment manufacturer and export.

World Star Battery Indonesia is committed to satisfy our customers needs and to improve our capability according to the ever changing world of automotive / motorcycle / industrial parts. We provide three important elements to give customers satisfaction : Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD Term).

World Star Battery Indonesia will continue in improving the products quality and services to achieve and ensure that our customers satisfaction is met.

Any request, please contact us at +62 81 651 2223 orĀ